Ruth Hjertmann Christiansen
- Master of Science in Engineering Psychology -

User Experience Engineer

As an engineer in psychology my key competences is to develop and optimise systems for each specific user group. I am capable of conducting quantitative research, qualitative research and I excel at making sense of large data sets in order to figure out how to improve systems for the users. My variety of both quantitative and qualitative methods can be used to analyse data. I am capable of creating both hi-fi and lo-fi prototypes and of performing user testing on both prototypes, products and systems. My wide professional knowledge enables me to work with both internal and external stakeholders. As an employee with you I can help develop and optimise your product across all of your users. I have a cand.ployt in Engineering Psychology (Produkt- og Designpsykologi) from Aalborg University. Continue to read more about me or read my CV

Civilingeniør i Produkt- og Designpsykologi