Ruth Hjertmann Christiansen
- Master of Science in Engineering Psychology -


As an engineer in psychology I enjoy working with big amounts of data in a structured way while focussing on improving the users interaction with technology. During development I advocate the users perspective by iterative investigating the user group, developing prototypes and by testing and analysing solutions. I am a curious person who find it interesting to learn new things and I thrive with a challenging workday. It drives me to make a positive impact on people by optimizing the technology surrounding them.

Development process

Problem solving approach

When working I typical take a problem solving approach, by first trying to understand the problem before developing the solution. I believe this is a crucial piece in creating the best solutions.


It falls me easy to grasp complex systems and their internal and external interfaces to people and other systems. This is essential for creating wholesome user experiences.


A good user experience is never created by a developer alone. In order to develop excellent user experiences I use knowledge anchored in the company, research, stakeholders, graphic artists, users, customers, expert knowledge, ect. I enjoy synthesizing different knowledge into a coherent solution.

Data driven innovation

When developing I like to take an analytic, scientific approach. I constantly aim to adapt the solution to the user, and therefore testing is a crucial part of my developing process.

Eye for each detail

It falls me natural to take responsibility for each detail. By conceptual dividing a system into moduls it is easy to divide responsibility and ensure each detail is taken into account.